Kosman NHRA ProStock Rolling Chassis


Kosman NHRA ProStock Rolling Chassis
Yes!.. you too can own the same Kosman ProStock full-rolling chassis raced by James and Melissa Surber, Hector Arana (and sons), Shawn Gann, Matt and Angie Smith, Mike Berry, and many others riding both Buell and Victory NHRA pro stock bikes.

Prices subject to build-list, and include:
• Kosman Main Frame, TIG-welded chrome moly
• Kosman “Cone Style” rear wheel and rotor
• Kosman front forks with adjustable axle block
• Kosman 5-spoke front wheel and rotors
• Front and rear PM calipers
• Outboard counter shaft bearing support
• Full carbon fiber bodywork
• Aluminum oil and fuel tanks
• Wheelie bar

For more information, contact James Surber at (855) 567-6261 ext. 702 or submit an email through the Contact page.

This chassis is a Kosman proprietary design, and if you’re buying from anyone other than us, then you’re buying/racing bootlegged copies. We’ve invested tremendous amounts of time and resources to develop this Pro Stock motorcycle, so please show respect and not run copies.

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