James Surber

ames Surber is a NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racer, team owner and the father of NHRA Pro rider Melissa Surber.

James builds and supports the Kosman Prostock Buell drag bike chassis here in Northern California.

A hardcore motorhead he has raced cars, motorcycles and jetboats and brings a high level of personal experience to Kosman Racing.

He deserves a trophy that the NHRA does not give out, the 1st place for a class called PERSISTENCE.   He shows up and races and does not give up.

James loves NHRA drag racing.

But most of all James loves his wife, Caryn and his daughter and his mother and his crew and friends.

James is loyal and full of heart and a living embodiment of the Western Pioneer spirit.  He Goes For It. 


James Surber, NHRA Drag Bike Builder/Racer

Career Highlights:
• 2012: Qualified for the first time at Auto Club NHRA Finals with first six-second pass
• 2008: Made NHRA at fall Las Vegas event
• 2007: Finished third in AHDRA Pro Stock and second in Super Gas

• Wife: Caryn
• Daughter: Melissa (1/11/95)
• Height/weight: 6’0” 175lbs
• Hobbies: Shelby owner and enthusiast; motorcycle touring; all Harley drag promoter
• Occupation: off road and 4×4 shop owner in Northern California


Written by Roberto